Our Story

Who is Hazero?

A New Zealand owned and operated company established in 1994 (formerly Civilquip), Hazero supplies hazardous goods storage and spill management products across New Zealand and the Pacific.

Hazero = Zero hazards 

As part of our commitment to continual improvement and development, we wanted to ensure that our business name properly reflects our service offering and our business mission: zero hazards.

Our objective is safer working environments for all.

We ensure your employees, your customers, the public and the environment stay safe from harm through the use of appropriate storage products and spill response products for hazardous and dangerous goods.

We serve industry sectors that include mining, forestry, roads, marine, and many other manufacturing and construction categories. We’re committed to helping all our customers help keep the environment safe from harm due to inadequate management of dangerous goods.

Through continual innovation and flexibility in design, we aim to set the standard. And if you need support, you can rely on our knowledgeable technical support team.

We believe no business owner should have to deal with the consequences of an uncontained spill.

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Advice on your compliance obligations

As our environmental responsibility grows, so does the requirement for industries to comply with the ever-increasing and ever-changing legislation.

At Hazero, we ensure that our team of consultants stay on top of relevant legislation and New Zealand and Australian standards including some of the standards listed here.

We search the world for the best products that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and that offer the right solution at competitive prices – and then deliver in full and on time.


Need help with storing or cleaning up hazardous or dangerous goods?

If you need to store, manage, transport or clean up hazardous or dangerous goods in your workplace, you've come to the right place.

Call our support team today on 0800 688 844 or contact us for an assessment and practical solution.