Risk Advice

Do you give advice on dangerous goods management?


Dangerous goods in the workplace have the potential to cause harm and jeopardise the safety of people, property, and the environment.

Chemicals can leak or spill, cross-contamination can lead to the formation of toxic gases or explosions – even cooking oil has the potential to cause major accidents.

Our risk consultants at Hazero can guide and advise you on recommended storage, secondary containment and spill response options that keep people and the environment safe, and satisfy your compliance and legislative requirements.

How Hazero helps:

We work alongside you, Compliance Certifiers and other specialists to recommend solutions that are practical and compliant.


Need help with dangerous goods compliance and best practice?

Our consultants can visit your site, help to assess the risks, and advise you on the most practical solution. Call 0800 688 844 or contact us today.