Three great reasons to use Hazero storage solutions


You need to store dangerous goods – but did you know how critical it is for safety to keep certain goods and liquids separate?

When incompatible and volatile chemicals are stored incorrectly, the risk of cross-contamination that could trigger a violent chemical reaction is a very real threat. The impact of a fire or explosion can be catastrophic and could be avoidable if the right storage and management solutions were in place. Even oil spills can lead to nasty accidents.

There are clearly defined regulations that govern storage and handling of hazardous or dangerous goods. Failure to comply exposes your business, people, and the environment to unnecessary risk.

Top reasons to store dangerous goods safely

  1. Keep workers safe and the environment pollution free

  2. Improve management of chemicals, oils and more for greater efficiency

  3. Be confident you’re complying with relevant legislation and Worksafe requirements

Storage solutions for dangerous or hazardous goods


Need help with storing dangerous goods?

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