Safe transport of dangerous goods


Whenever you need to transport dangerous goods – from warehouse to retailers or service industries, from refineries to service stations – you need the reassurance that the goods are moved correctly so the risk of incidents and accidents is reduced.

When dangerous goods are transported incorrectly, they risk causing serious harm to people, the environment and property.

Substances such as petrol and gases can lead to fire or toxic fumes, corrosive substances can burn, and water-reactive substances have the potential to emit toxic gases or explode.


Legislative requirements for transporting dangerous goods

Most countries employ strict safety legislation that is designed to mitigate risk when dangerous goods are transported.


Managing leaks or spills of hazardous materials in transit

Our Hazero consultants can advise you on the best options for safe transport of dangerous goods – and the necessary paperwork. These include:


Need help with transporting hazardous goods?

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