Chemshed Flammable Cabinet - 350L

The 350L is the largest model and is designed to hold more of the larger square containers, providing easy visibility and even easier access. 

Built to comply with the design requirements of AS1940:2017.

Note: although the capacity is 350L, the legislation states that no more than 250L of Class 3 may be stored in any one cabinet. The reason for the capacity of this cabinet is to allow for larger sized 20L containers to be stored together and/or to store other compatible substances (that are not Class 3). 

Additional shelf: 04-1069P

Wall Bracket: 04-10613

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  • Double sequentially-closing doors
  • Lockable non-spark closure
  • Two adjustable shelves (plus base)
  • Supplied with class 3 decals
  • Sump capacity: 100L
  • Weight: 180kgs
  • Internal dimensions: 1,503 x 1,018 x 720mm (h,w,d) 
  • External dimensions: 1,750 x 1,100 x 800mm (h,w,d)

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